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Hotelpedia is responsible for all registered reservations. As soon as you have successfully finished your purchase and acquired your voucher, Hotelpedia guarantees that you will easily be able to check into your chosen hotel or residence and enjoy its services. In rare cases, some complications may arise concerning registered reservations; such as in reported problems from the destination hotel regarding damages and natural disasters or human error; or in security cases such as the entrance of high ranking officials and so on. Accordingly, Hotelpedia will do as much as it can to find a hotel or resort similar to the already reserved unit; otherwise, all reservation costs will be refunded if customers are not satisfied and a special privilege will be granted to their future reservations. All information about hotels and other places have been acquired from official resources (hotels, resorts etc.). Due to possible periodical changes, the accuracy of the information have to be reconfirmed by such resources. Hotelpedia commits to update these changes in the shortest time possible. Hotelpedia would have guaranteed the quality and accuracy of all the claimed services if it had the ownership of the resorts; however, these resources may sometimes overlook the accuracy of their claims. Therefore, we ask you to inform us of any noticed issues so that we can investigate and provide future guests with feedback or even remove inaccurate information from our website. During travel rushes of the year, hotels may impose some specific regulations to have better management of their receptions and services; for example, some may drop cancelling options and some may not provide rooms on a bed-number basis. Guests’ identity will be verified by showing their National ID Card or Birth Certificate, and couples’ marital relationship will be verified only by showing the husband’s name in the wife’s Birth Certificate. In some hotels, sealed certificates of temporary marriage are accepted; nevertheless, such an acceptance is not universal. Hotels will decline to accept couples who fail to prove their marital relationship and will act in accordance with cancelling regulations. When you cancel your reservation, there is a risk for the hotel that it will not be able to sell the same service during a certain deadline; therefore, it will be rational if the hotel makes some cancelling charges. Hotels may vary regarding their policies of cancelling charges, and the policies themselves may vary throughout the year. We will guarantee that you will pay the least amount possible in cases of cancelling. Thus, we ask you to inform us of your decision immediately so that cancelling charges may be minimized. Refunds will be deposited to the same bank account that you have used to purchase services from Hotelpedia. Single ladies may face no booking restrictions legally; their accommodation may be much easier if they have official mission or conference letters from their organizations. Calling us would be the best assurance of your successful trip. Ticket purchase procedures are subject to electronic trade rules and regulations of Iran and any kind of violation will be prosecuted. While using online payments, shoppers confirm that they are fully informed of all trade rules and regulations. 


هتل پدیا چیست؟
هتل پدیا، سامانه رزرو آنلاین هتل ها و اقامتگاه های ایران است که با توجه به توسعه اینترنت و دسترسی آسان به بسیاری از امکانات و خدمات از جمله رزرواسیون هتل با ایجاد سامانه اینترنتی خود تمامی مراحل مورد نیاز برای رزرو اقامتگاه‌ها در شهرهای مختلف کشور را در کمترین زمان و بالاترین کیفیت فراهم نموده و در اختیار شما عزیزان قرار داده است. هتل پدیا به شما کمک می‌کند تا فهرست کاملی از هتل‌‌ها و اقامتگاه‌های هر شهر را مشاهده نمایید و بر اساس فیلترهای خاص مانند نوع، کلاس و قیمت به بهترین گزینه مورد نظرتان برسید و بدون نیاز به پیگیری‌های خسته کننده، اقامتگاه خود را رزرو نمایید. علاوه بر آن با سفارش از طریق هتل پدیا می‌توانید از تخفیف‌های ویژه و پیشنهادات قیمتی آن استفاده نمایید.
هتل های تهران هتل های مشهد هتل های رامسر هتل های شيراز هتل های اصفهان هتل های قم هتل های كيش هتل های قشم هتل های يزد هتل های سرعين هتل های كاشان هتل های رشت